Thinking About Day And Night


God often gives us some examples from nature in the Qur’an. He usually wants us to think deeply about them.

One of these examples is the loop of day and night, and the other is the loop of seasons, and even changing the durations of day and night time periods.

Of course I don’t consider above examples as the miracles of Qur’an. These subjects are known since the begining of human kind.

But the important thing is thinking about them. We are so used to our environment and because of that we usually miss many opportunities to gain a clear vision about creation.

So, let’s begin to think about above examples, and have some fun when doing this.

First, we must imagine a slightly different World from ours. The World where it is always midday. There is no evening, night, afternoon, even morning. And it is allways spring, no any other seasons. If you like summer, take it. In this World every other things are the same as our real World. Animals, plants, water, etc.

Finally, we put first prototype, primitive human population into this World. The best part is we are in this community.

At first glance, this kind of world seems like some kind of heaven. Always midday, always summer, what a fun. But this imaginary World is far away from being heaven.

It won’t take a long time to recognize the biggest problem in this imaginary World.

Time… The primary condition of civilization.

Tell me, how can we measure time in this World? How people organize their “daily” lives together in healthy way? Remember, there is no day cycle in this World so there is no daily life.

In our real World most of us sleep at night and wake up at morning. This is a natural habit for all human being and there is no need to take an extra action for organizing this natural habit as a community. But in our imaginary World, we have to put an extraordinary effort to tackle this problem. And the worst thing is the problem will remain forever, there is no such a solution without human effort.


In this World, Sandglasses seem the most efficient way to measure time. But with a little consideration we see that it’s almost impossible to maintain healthy time management with sandglasses. Especially in a long periods and between the different communities.

Let’s go further… Our single community somehow grows and expands larger areas. Now we have many communities that live different areas, instead of one, single community. İmagine that you visit another city in a so called midday, but that time period is sleeping time for them.

The international agreement on sleeping and working times. It sounds very odd, isn’t it?

We can find countless handicaps about this imaginary World but it’s better to keep it short.

Now, I want you to ask yourselves a simple question.  Could it be a coincidence the phenomenal harmony between the earth and human? If everything is in a perfect harmony, there must be a superior creator. And he is God.


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